Appearance of LIFAN MINI VAN

The entire Lifan Foison adopts 227 patent technologies and advanced manufacturing management, leading high-quality minivan.

We uphold the concept of “making self-owned brand with the best quality” , have the experience of producing cars, count on the impeccable quality management system and strictly control the process of development and manufacturing, comprehensively upgrading the quality assurance.

  • ሊፋን ፎይዞን ሚኒባስ  7 መቀመጫዎች ያሉት
  • ባለ 1300 ሲሲ አነስተኛ የትራንስፖርት መኪና

SECURITY & SAFETY of Lifan foison

The new body design:The original rear floor beam, omnibearing safety-type longitudinal design of energy-absorbing, reinforced body frame and the floor;Excellent negative pole electrophoretic body, automatic spraying process, high-quality welding process, more reliable and durable;Design of front door with a new design concept, heavy door, improve the security of the door

Fully optimized electric appliance:
Fully optimized vehicle circuit, integrated central control box, make the vehicle line more standardized, more secure, more reliable and easier to maintain.

Stable Driving of Lifan foison

Newly chassis design:

Energy absorbent rear suspension, the design of high capacity variable cross-section leaf spring, reinforced rear axle, LT high capacity tire, super strong carrying capacity;


Meticulous matching of four system:

front/rear suspension、steering、transmission and braking, improving the whole vehicle performance all-directional.

Economy and energy-saving: The actual measured fuel consumption which is published by NDRC is 8L/100km, this is the lowest fuel consumption compared with other same displacement model, even much better than certain vehicle used for enjoyment.

Strong Power of Lifan foison

New engine with advanced technology

Lifan Q series engine, Toyota technology, preeminent power

This new engine takes DOHC, 16 valves, aluminum cylinder head, which enable this engine circumvolve at high speed. The engine power could reach 68KW,92.5HP, 52 raise power. It is the most powerful minivan engine in China ,the best speed will be 140KM per hour.

The cooperation with Ricardo UK optimizes the design of the engine, the torque could reach 112Nm.The vehicle with this type of engine is able to bear cargo on cragged road, and overtake car with increasing speed easily.

Humanized Technique of LIFAN MINI VAN


The aero seat fully considering physical functions adopts sedan high encapsulated seat design, equips advanced fabric thickening cushion which improves the safety and comfort. The sliding cab seat and wide driving space makes you have an easy drive and a happy journey.


Interior dimension: Length X Width X Height= 2330mm×1260mm× 1300mm,the largest interior space compared with the same class minivans; advantage for loading large cargo.

The doorframe width of the back door is up to 1200mm (traditional minivan is shorter than1200mm), far superior to other minivans’ loading width. The distance from the wheel hub inner to the back door is 420mm (Others are not up to 300mm), meeting above 95% luggage’s stable placing.


Combination seats, the middle and rear-row seats are foldable and over turned, sufficiently widening interior space in pursuit of meeting your various requirements.


Integral overlaying back door and large straight-entry cargo space makes more loadings and more convenient.