Appearance of LIFAN MINI CARGO

The entire LIFAN Mini Cargo adopts 227 patent technologies and advanced manufacturing management, leading high-quality minivan.

We uphold the concept of “making self-owned brand with the best quality” , have the experience of producing cars, count on the impeccable quality management system and strictly control the process of development and manufacturing, comprehensively upgrading the quality assurance.

SECURITY & SAFETY of Lifan Mini Cargo

The new body design:The original rear floor beam, omnibearing safety-type longitudinal design of energy-absorbing, reinforced body frame and the floor;Excellent negative pole electrophoretic body, automatic spraying process, high-quality welding process, more reliable and durable;Design of front door with a new design concept, heavy door, improve the security of the door

Fully optimized electric appliance:
Fully optimized vehicle circuit, integrated central control box, make the vehicle line more standardized, more secure, more reliable and easier to maintain.